The Old First Church

The First Congregational Church of Bennington, Vermont

Christian Education

A dinner
                          at the Barn.

A recent church dinner at the Barn after worship.

Women's Book Group - meets on the third Thursday of the Month, 6:30 pm at the home one of the group participants

Click here for a list of books for 2015-2016. To see books read since the group's inception in 2003 and books to be read in 2012, visit the book group blog.

Church Directory

Church Council, Boards, and Committees

All meetings are open to members of the church (no voting rights) and minutes are always available for viewing in the church office.

Minister:The Rev. Kenneth A. Clarke

The Church Council:

Kiki Traver, Moderator
Connie Barrett, Clerk
Pat Ross, Treasurer
Dick Guerrero, Chair of Trustees
Claudia Dalton, Chair of Deacons
Harold Ehrenfreund, Council Member at large
Ann Herrick, Council Member at large
Chelsea Lutz, Christian Education Advocate
Jeannette Lesser, Fellowship Advocate
Amy Tronsen, Mission Advocate
Paul Goodrich, Open Church Advocate

Board of Deacons

Claudia Dalton, Chair
Paul Goodrich
Pat Guerrero
Donna Jones
Judith Fellows-Miller
Marsha Pilachowski
Wendy Schmitt
Allison Stitcher
Lynda Swanda

Board of Trustees:

Marshall Barrett
Sandy Bechtel
Richard Guerrero, Chair
David Pilachowski
Larry Ross
Patricia Ross


Betsy & Hal Ehrenfreund

Assistant Treasurers:

Marsha Pilachowski
Jon Traver

Nominating Committee:

Bill Gordon
Marshall Barrett
Lynda Swanda

Personnel Committee:

Betsy Ehrenfreund
Donna Jones
Sandy Bechtel
Pat Guerrero

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