The congregation is the final authority for discerning God’s will for the church.

The Church Council acts to carry out the church’s work. Specific members of the Council are advocates for education, fellowship, mission and open church.

The Deacons direct the church’s spiritual life, including our worship, prayers, and acts of caring for those in need.

The Trustees care for the buildings, grounds and investments, and encourage faithful stewardship for God’s mission in Christ.

A Women’s Book Group meets on the third Thursday of the Month, 6:30 pm at the home one of the group participants. Click here for a list of books for 2015-2016.

Church Directory

Church Council, Boards, and Committees

All meetings are open to members of the church (no voting rights) and minutes are always available for viewing in the church office.

The Church Council:

The Church Council meets at least quarterly and acts as needed on general concerns of the Church.   Membership consists of:

Church Moderator
Church Clerk
Church Treasurer
Chair of the Church Board of Trustees
Chair of the Deacons
Two Council Members at large elected annually
An Advocate for Christian Education
An Advocate for Fellowship
An Advocate for Mission
An Advocate for Open Church program

Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons, elected at the annual meeting of the Church, consists of no less than seven members.  The Deacons concern themselves with the worship and spiritual care of the church.

Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees consists of 7 active church members and looks to the care of the buildings and finances of the congregation.

Additional Boards and Offices are elected at our Annual Meeting each winter.  They are:


Assistant Treasurer

Nominating Committee

Personnel Committee