Important Current News–COVID-19

Worship and life at Old First is changing in response to the need to reduce activity as we work to get through the challenge of the COVID-19 presence in our life. Although we met for worship last on March 15 we have now suspended public worship until further notice. Please use this website and this page in particular to learn the latest. Tuesday bible study is also suspended till further notice.

Our prayers and thoughts go to everyone immediately affected and thanks go to all people who work to provide care and supply our needs in this time. At present, the office is operating but the doors are locked. We are asking that you consider not doing business in person but use the phone or email if possible. Remember that there is still some childcare activity operating from the barn.

Also important is the ongoing financial support of the church. Use the mail to send a pledge or added support if you can. We hope to have an online method of completing a pledge as well—stay tuned.

There may be ways church members can work to support those in need in the community in the coming days. Email and blog posts will keep you informed and will appear here as well.

Finally, we have developed ways to deliver a portion of worship online. A complete Sunday morning service can be found as a podcast on major podcast apps–especially Spotify. Search under podcasts for content entitled “A Walk to Clio Hall”. Also, you can find this content by going to the tabs at the top of this website and hovering over the tab titled “Worship”. A box with the words “Worship Here and Now” should appear. Click on it and a page will appear with an audio ribbon. This is from the March 15 Sunday service. I hope you find it useful. The title is “Faith, Facts and Fear; Or….Why Toilet Paper?”

To repeat, you can listen on your phone in podcast form. Use your podcast app (such a Apple, Google and particular Spotify) and search in the podcast category for a program entitled “A Walk To Clio Hall”.

As we move through this part of our common life it is important to remain hopeful, faithful and know one is not alone. We will do our best to help you remain focused on bright days to come.