Community Involvement


  • Sunday Suppers - Share with other local churches in providing a hot meal to anyone hungry in our community.

  • Work with local schools to provide warm winter clothing to children in need

  • Distribute blankets to homeless people in the community.

  • Community Christmas Candlelight Service featuring the Bennington Children's Choir with all proceeds going to Greater Bennington Interfaith Community Services.

  • Open Church Program - partners with Old Bennington’s Centre Cemetery, Bennington Battle Monument, and Bennington Museum to welcome people and encourage visitors to see all four sites. Open Church volunteers provide maps, walking tours, and suggest scenic routes, restaurants, and other local information.

  • Bennington Centre Cemetery - This historic burying-ground surrounds the Church on two sides and is the oldest cemetery in Vermont. The cemetery contains the graves of early settlers, those who fought on both sides in the Battle of Bennington, five Vermont Governors and other civic leaders. Robert Frost’s is likely the most visited stone though visitors arrive from around the country to visit the final resting sites of their ancestors. Members of the Bennington Centre Cemetery Association are very knowledgeable about its history, have created a detailed index to the graves, assure that the grounds are meticulously maintained, and often serve as Open Church guides. The Bennington Museum's Regional History Room can also provide information about the cemetery.

Bennington Centre Cemetery

Church's food drive

Church's blanket drive for the homeless - 2023


Candlelight Service - 2023

Celebrating Christmas Eve at the Old First Church in Old Bennington

by Michael Albans, Bennington Banner

Candlelight Service - 2023

Free Sunday Supper our church hosted recently

by Michael Albans, Bennington Banner-

The Christmas magic was alive and well at Bennington's Old First Church on Christmas Eve as worshippers streamed inside the historic walls of the 1767 meeting house during the traditional candlelight service held the night before Christmas every year.

Photo by Michael Albans, Bennington Banner

Photo by Michael Albans, Bennington Banner

Photo by Michael Albans, Bennington Banner

Photo by Michael Albans, Bennington Banner