We invite you to worship with us

Regular worship has resumed at the Old First Church!

  You can view our Sunday worship live on these webpages.  Look for the tab entitled “Worship Here and Now” which will drop down from the “Worship” tab at the top of the page.

You can also listen to weekly worship services with new content for each week, by searching for the podcast entitled “A Walk to Clio Hall”. 


Sunday, 11:00 a.m. (10:00 a.m. during July and August), for all ages,

• where worship, in perhaps the most beautiful example of post-colonial American church architecture in New England, is designed to remind us all of the faithful presence and grace of God;
• where people sing with joy both the great old hymns of the church and the new ones, too, in order to praise God and encourage each other in our faithful living;
• where we expect preaching to be honest, address the question of what, in these days, it means to believe, and show the Bible to be the generous witness we have had over the centuries to God’s self-giving and life-giving love;
• where children have the opportunity to learn to love God, to enjoy worship, to learn the stories of faith from experiencing our worship service, and to be rooted in a loving community for their growth into lives of joy and service;
• where our skilled organist playing our 1965 Wicks pipe organ inspires the congregation to new faithfulness each week;
• where the communion table is open to all who trust Jesus Christ, and where we seek to reflect his grace to all.